Provence wallpaper

Want to fill the house with warmth and harmony of village life - get a wallpaper Provence from Affresco. We produce canvases of unique size (1020x320 cm), we offer different textures.

Do you want to feel all the charm and comfort of the countryside? Then you should recreate it in your house. The best way to do this is wallpaper in the style of Provence. Having made them the center of the design composition, you can plunge into the magical atmosphere of picturesque countryside settlements, full of tranquility and harmony. And the images of rural landscapes, lost between lushly blossoming fields and azure skies, fill the interior with comfort and elegant simplicity.

The appearance of wall paintings should correspond to the general style of the room. Provence suggests imitation of the decoration of archaic provincial houses, so care to ensure that every detail of the interior brings the effect of antiquity into it.

Choosing the wallpaper series "Provence", take into account the following recommendations:

  • For this style, as a rule, choose wall coverings in calm colors: cream, light pink, tender green, blue, beige and pastel colors.
  • Too mottled and cold colors should not dominate the overall palette of the interior.
  • It is better to choose a symmetrical pattern. All its details must have the right proportions and be proportionate.
  • The choice of subjects of images depends on the concept of design. For example, if you plan to decorate the room with floral patterns, give preference to wallpaper in the flower. Style Provence requires that the design of the room was sustained in a single manner.
  • Actual will be paintings in the form of ancient ornaments, textures, imitation of hand-painted or stylized for painting.

According to the basic canons of Provence, the texture of the wallpaper should give them the effect of an old canvas: it can imitate scuffs, small cracks and irregularities.

In the catalog on the Affresco web site  you can choose the suitable variant of wallpaper in the provincial style and order  production on one of the following  textures: Velure or Sabbia. You can buy a single panel or its roll version, divided into several fragments.