Paper wallpaper

Home  is a place where you feel comfortable and pleasant. Create an atmosphere of coziness and peace will help paper wallpapers. If you want to change something in the interior, then their acquisition does not involve special expenses. Wallpaper for the walls will transform the room or apartment entirely in a very short period of time. It is important to mention that they are not a vestige of time at all and have almost nothing to do with the options that were popular in the 80's. Of course, they are made from paper, and to be more precise, wood. During this time, the quality has changed very much for the better.

Paper wallpapers, their pros and cons

Let start with the fact that they are of two types: single-layered and multilayered. In the first version, the picture is applied directly to the paper, and in the second - one or several thin layers (films) are applied to the paper. The second option is more practical in a certain sense, as it is resistant to pollution. Some versions of paper wallpaper on the wall even have special noise-, water- and soundproof coatings. Their price is certainly higher than single-layer.

Speaking about the advantages, it is important to note first of all their low cost. If you are tired of your wallpaper, then you can easily replace them with similar but different colors. The second point is an incredible variety of colors and drawings.

Of the minuses: the coating can quickly fade, and it is impossible to clean or wash them with a wet cloth. Affresco offers to buy paper wallpapers of high quality and at the most affordable price. For more information, please contact our managers.