Empire style wallpaper

Exclusive wall coverings made in the Affresco factory are worthy of decorating interiors that support different styles of decoration. To create a luxurious royal setting, the "Empire" wallpaper is ideal, which realistically conveys the features and mood of the second half of the 18th century.

During the first three decades of the 19th century, such wall coverings were decorated not only by imperial apartments in France, but also by palace halls in many European countries.

The magnificence, elegance and uniqueness of the design

The main features of the wallpaper in the Empire style are: the symmetry and harmony of the prescribed drawings. All images are symbolic in nature: they were designed to emphasize the power and wealth of the country, the strength of the army.

As the base colors are used: saturated blue (color of the royal mantle), pure white, deep purple. This style is also suitable: emerald, green, wenge, cream, burgundy, etc.

The wallpaper "Empire" is decorated with:

  • Military / coat of arms - fill the room with positive energy, add decorations of grandeur, aristocracy.

  • Strict ornaments that are characteristic of the epoch of Bonaparte rule.

  • Lush floral bunches. Such canvases create the illusion of being in a marvelous summer garden or on an endless glade.

  • Complex damask, affecting the smoothness and thoughtfulness of each line.

  • Attributes of the royal authority - are able to radically transform any, even the most ordinary, premises.

In the catalogs of our online store are exposed monophonic canvases, stylized with natural fabric, which will optimally highlight the dignity of your furniture environment.

Affresco sells wallpaper in the style of Empire as it’s own production, and from famous factories (TIFFANY, EPOCA Wallcoverings, Atlas Wallsoverings, KT Exclusive, Wallquest, etc.). We also offer a wide range of decor elements, exclusive furniture and other original accessories.

Empire style is a style for true connoisseurs of noble splendor, wealth, royal elegance.