Oriental wallpaper

Globalization affected not only the economy, but also the creative sphere: now it is no longer fashionable to design a room in local style, bold borrowings from other cultures are welcome.

The eastern manner of decorating the room has always been valued for its versatility, rigor and naturalness. A special role in this is played by the decoration of the walls, because it sets the overall tone of the decoration of the house and gives them a special charm. Therefore, to start creating an exotic interior is worth it with the selection of wallpaper in the oriental style.

A rich assortment of the online catalog on the web site of the Affresco factory will allow you to choose the appropriate variant, sorting the offered canvases by the material, color, character of the picture, the manufacturer and the name of the collection.

The main varieties of oriental wallpaper

The variety of oriental wallpaper is amazing. Today you can find a variety of their modifications, which differ in color, pattern and decor. Depending on the semantic content of the subjects, such canvases are divided into three conditional categories:

  • Chinese wallpaper. As a rule, red, green, sapphire, gold and black are dominant colors here. They can be recognized by images of hieroglyphics, fish and floral motifs.
  • Japanese wallpapers. They differ in neutral and muted colors (beige, coffee, gray shades). Although the drawings on the Japanese oriental wallpaper are few, but they accurately emphasize the basic concept of design.
  • Indian. Such canvases are an ideal combination of crimson, bright orange and tender turquoise colors. They resemble expensive fabrics embroidered with silver and gold.

In addition, on our website you can find modern interpretation of wallpaper in the oriental style for the walls. Symmetrical damask, elaborate ornate ornaments, smooth curves of patterns, images of flowers, strict lines and monotonous textures - all this is only a small part of the proposed design options. Choose the most suitable wallpaper with necessary oriental ornaments, taking into account the particular features of the room and the interior items located in it.