Art Nouveau wallpaper

If you want to abandon the symmetrical design of apartments and use of clear lines, look in the catalog of the Affresco factory. Wallpapers in the Art Nouveau style abound with ornate ornaments, vegetable prints, as well as all kinds of paintings from the animal world. They help to destroy the standard strict image, in which everything is subordinated to geometry.

Stylized images of butterflies, flowers and predatory representatives can decorate the walls of the living room, study and bedroom. The motifs of the modern wallpaper should be duplicated on the upholstery of the sofa, armchairs, chairs or parquet. You can also order colored stained glass windows for window openings or doors.

To maintain the harmony of Art Nouveau, the interior should adhere to natural materials and shades. This is well promoted by ecological wallpaper Affresco, made on the basis of nonwoven with the application of a layer of plaster. A gentle range of warm tones of brown, sand, green and other colors will allow you to choose the canvases that will suit your tastes.

Seamless wallpaper with decorative plaster will help create a whole picture on the wall. It will long be pleased with eye-pleasing paints that will not fade in the sun.

What stands out the wallpaper in the Art Nouveau style

Wall coverings of this direction are luxurious products that do not tolerate acid colors and bright colors. They are natural and harmonious as nature itself. Blossoming on wallpaper lilies, orchids and other flowers fill the space with the freshness of spring. Proud peacocks, surrounded by greenery bushes, resemble exotic gardens of eastern palaces.

Wavy smooth lines also found their embodiment in a series of wallpapers for the walls "Modern". Their intricate ornament emphasizes the charm of the room and is complemented by S-shaped contours of curved stairs, furniture and doorways.

Art Nouveau - interior for a romantic nature

When you are going to design a room in the Art Nouveau style, you should take into account the main features:

  • Muted tones and dim illumination.
  • Abundance of natural materials.
  • Floral patterns on wallpaper, stained glass, home textiles and furniture.

These components are tuned to a romantic mood, allow you to dive into the world of fantasy, forget about a string of gray everyday life. They help to create a solitary atmosphere in which there is no place for sadness.

To buy modern wallpaper and make the final touches in the design of the apartment, call the factory contact number. Affresco managers will help with the choice of wall cloths, as well as recommend accessories that will place accents indoors.