Textile wallpaper

When the soul demands changes, and you want to make changes at all costs in the interior, you need to act! After all, the interior decoration of your home is important for peace of mind: coming from work, you must certainly dive into an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Textile wallpaper is a great way to refresh the interior, adding to it the sophistication and chic. Transformation of the room does not require much time or money.

Textile wallpaper: what are their pros?

Variants of "clothes" for the walls today are incredible options: starting with ordinary paper or textile wallpaper and finishing with paint or even frescoes. But if your goal is to create a discreet and refined interior, then such wallpaper is the best choice. They are basis on patterns threads are applied. Looking at the wall, you will most likely seem that the wall is simply covered with silk or some other good cloth - this is the effect they create.

The base is most often made of paper or non-woven fabric. For the upper layer, yarns of various fabrics are used: cotton, silk, linen, etc. Textile wallpaper are ideal for a bedroom, living room or study. Less suitable rooms for them - are kitchen and children's: wallpaper are not washable, they are recommended only for dry cleaning. Perhaps, this is the only drawback of this type of wallpaper, but against the background of a surpassing expectation of the kind and environmental friendliness, it can not be called significant.

Textile wallpaper for walls in our catalog is a variety of colors and textures. If you do not want any drastic changes, then we will help you to choose an option that will perfectly match the color of furniture, its upholstery, and other interior items. You can make a choice through our website: our managers will gladly advise you and tell you all the details of their choice, purchase and gluing, and also will provide you with valuable advice.