Vintage wallpaper

In recent years, the world of design was overwhelmed by the hobby of the past. This new trend is called "vintage". A characteristic feature of this style is the combination of old and modern objects. The main criterion is considered to be their belonging to a certain epoch, the country, the producer.

If you like to combine in the interior noble classics and modern stylistics, then definitely appreciate the vintage wallpaper from the Affresco factory. Beautiful wall paintings with a restrained color palette, curly plants and geometric patterns create a special atmosphere of luxury and elegance in the house.

Vintage style wallpaper: the versatility of the interior of your home

The main feature of this decorating manner is the combination of various directions, unlimited space for the realization of design ideas, the rejection of the frames in the design in favor of original works of art that express the fashion trends of different epochs and times.

In the Affresco Gallery you will find vintage wallpaper for walls that have the following advantages:

  • Restrained color palette. It is dominated by light colors (from gently beige to light shades of gray) that evoke appeasement and will appeal even to the skeptical observer.
  • Wallpaper in the style of vintage imitate the old cloth fabrics, gilding, bronze. Time is created by the skillful addition of spots, roughnesses and scuffs.
  • Style. These wall coverings allow you to turn any wall into a piece of antique art.

According to designers, the best place for placing wallpaper in a vintage style is the bedroom or living room. Thanks to quality textured canvases, you will fill the room with tranquility and coziness, present it with a stylish and unique appearance.

The wallpapers "Vintage" give an opportunity to everyone who wants to experiment boldly, combining old subjects with modern designs from the Affresco factory. The artists of the factory will display any motif chosen by you on the handicraft canvases.

Our experienced staff offer to select an individual size of the coating, create a project of future paintings in the interior of the customer, and deliver and assemble the products (upon request of the client).