Wallpaper Emotion Art in the program Fazenda!

Neoclassical Living Room project, Fazenda program, MIR TV channel. The Emotion Art panel (art. AF2101-COL4) became the accent of the dining area, and a pattern reminiscent of seething waves (art. AF2113-COL3) complemented the given theme in the form of a series of paintings. See all TV projects and celebrity houses in the section "Best Projects and TV".

Wallpaper Exclusive in the program Fazenda.

With the help of a panoramic plot from the Exclusive collection, art. AB301-COL4 and several design techniques, the living room of a country house turned into a gazebo overlooking a stunning mountain landscape. See all TV projects and celebrity houses in the section "Best Projects and TV".

Affresco novelties at MosBuild2022.

At MosBuild2022 we presented three new catalogs – Line Art, Emotion Art and Fantasy. We are very pleased with the large number of enthusiastic reviews that inspire us to create new collections.

Introducing a new modern catalog - Fantasy!

Fantasy is a new catalog of modern fantasy designs. The first presentation will take place at MosBuild2022! It will be at the IEC "Crocus Expo" from March 29 to April 1, the AFFRESCO stand is F5067 (pavilion 3, hall 13). Get a free ticket. Promo code is mbw22eCOAO.

Emotion Art Catalog 2022. Start of sales!

A new collection of modern designs Emotion Art is already available for order! The basis of the collection is the texture of natural materials, stone and textures created by artists. For the first time beautiful cuts of marble and onyx are presented. Read more…

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