To decorate the interior with laconic wall coverings, which clearly convey the enchanting beauty of nature, all aficionados of elegance and simplicity aspire. In this case, the ideal version is the relief wallpaper, made in the style of "Eco".

The online store Affresco presents a wide selection of these paintings from the trusted world manufacturers (Eijffinger), which deserve to decorate both private rooms and restaurant halls.

Eco Wallpapers - natural refinement of artistic performance

Thanks to the use of high-quality bases, modern printing technology, wallpaper "Eco" is suitable for gluing walls, ceiling zones in premises for different purposes: apartments, salons, offices, restaurants, hotels.

Affresco company offers linens created on non-woven basis with a thin layer of mineral plaster and covered with moisture resistant varnish, therefore they are characterized by: protection from abrasion and fading, easy cleaning, resistance to moisture, durability. These wall coverings are simply mounted and dismantled, without requiring special skills and knowledge.

Modern designers, trying to convey the uniqueness of the surrounding world, create eco wallpaper for the walls, stylized as:

  • Natural fabric, which cause the desire to touch, feel the softness of the surface. The room decorated with such coatings will look warmer, lighter.
  • A stone skillfully conveying the smooth color transitions of a natural mineral. This option perfectly emphasizes the features of the Spartan environment.
  • Wood. In such eco-wallpapers, each stroke is designed to show the beauty, strength and stability of the flora. With this decoration the room will be filled with natural energy and pacification.

Wallpaper "Eco" are produced in natural, visually pleasing colors: unobtrusive brown, laconic-beige, tender-mustard, light gray, pure white. This color design will help bring harmony into the space, make the stay in the house more pleasant, and communication in the living room -confidential.

To choose the necessary "attire" for your walls, as well as stylish accessories, exclusive furniture and other decorative elements - go to the Affresco showroom. If necessary, our customers can order individual handmade paintings in this style, as well as receive free advice on finished products and assistance from experienced decorators.

Eco Wallpapers - a real gift for connoisseurs of reliability and unobtrusive-stylish design.