Modern wallpaper

There is an opinion that painting the walls today is a more relevant option. But that's what say those who have not seen modern wallpaper for a long time and present them in a paper version of 20-years-old. Everything has changed. The brightest proof of this is multi-layer textile wallpaper in modern design. A unique ornament made of the finest yarn of natural silk, applied on a multilayered foundation, strong, elastic and concealing possible wall irregularities, will exceed your expectations.

Modern wallpaper for walls: how to choose

Making a choice in favor of wallpaper, is extremely low probability that you will regret the decision. First of all, they are practical. In particular, if you choose vinyl or non-woven options. Any possible contamination for them is not a problem: you can simply wash them off without harming the coating. They do not fade even in direct sunlight. Modern wallpaper for the walls make it possible to realize the most daring of your dreams and fantasies. A variety of colors, textures and materials will amaze even the most demanding buyer.

Another popular trend in the modern world is the design of frescoes and wallpapers. They can be manufactured on various textures and with any picture. Their basis consists of a fleece linen and a thin layer of decorative plaster, which is worn by hand, so these paintings always look in the interior adequately.

Unlike paint, modern wallpaper for walls suggest a lot more possibilities. For example, you are not the owner of ideally flat walls: the paint will emphasize the shortcomings, while the dense wallpaper will make the walls visually even perfectly. Similarly, they help extend the room or make the ceilings visually higher. To do this, apply wallpaper with a vertical or horizontal wallpaper. Textile wallpaper due to it’s structure can make the room warm and cozy. Another plus of modern wallpaper - additional noise insulation, which is achieved by special layers.