Art deco wallpaper

The trend towards a combination of several styles in the interior is not a novelty in the field of design. This is how the unique decorative ensembles, creative manners of decoration of premises and even separate directions originate. In particular, art deco appeared in this way. This popular style embodied the features of Egyptian, French and Mediterranean cultures. At the same time, it absorbed  fashion trends of the early 20th century, with their penchant for grace and picturesqueness.

Fans of this style Affresco factory offers a rich assortment of wallpaper of the Art Deco series. You can choose the products of world famous manufacturers, as well as frescoes or seamless panels, which are made by the masters of our company manually.

Art Deco wallpapers: main features

The choice of wall paintings is the key moment when creating a decor in the interior. Their design, palette and even material must meet the requirements of style.

For Art Deco, wallpaper with these characteristics is perfect:

  • The main attention should be paid to the geometric forms depicted on the canvases. For this direction, bold ornaments fit with straight or curved patterns and streamlined corners.

  • Supplement wallpaper art deco can be a wide border with a complex pattern in the spirit of the Empire style or in the eastern manner.

  • The surface of the wallpaper can simulate a variety of materials: glass, metal, mirror, ceramics or textiles. These bright elements should emphasize prosperity and unsurpassed taste.

  • Usually art deco welcomes the discreet colors of the walls, because the main accent should be placed on furniture and other interior items.

  • Not stranger to this direction and contrasting colors. For example, you can use monochrome dark wallpaper in the art deco style and choose from the catalog suitable companions to them in light colors or a bright red palette.

If you are at a loss in choosing suitable wallpaper, Affresco specialists will be happy to advise you on this matter, taking into account the particular premises and your individual preferences. To ask a question to a company representative or place an order, dial the Affresco help desk number 8-800-555-31-51.