Retro wallpaper

Do not rush to throw out a frayed chest of drawers, a defective phone with a disc or  a table lamp with a fringe. You can breathe new  life into these objects again - use them to create a retro style. And that the resulting decor was completed, select wallpaper from the collections Affresco.

Gray and brown vertical lines of various widths will be a perfect background for light furniture. If you want retro wallpaper to display the bright accents that are presents in the room, choose linens with red, orange or yellow stripes. They will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in a large room and a small room.

The main features of retro wallpaper

In the last century to decorate the walls used:

  • Decorative monograms.
  • Correct geometric shapes.
  • Flower compositions.

Their reduced copies Affresco designers placed on a retro wallpaper. Each bar represents adherence to a certain group of ornaments. All lines are strictly vertical and do not intersect. Frequent rapport of the picture gives the canvases a special charm.

This section also presents images resembling newspaper clippings. Choosing similar retro wallpaper for your apartment, you can create a unique panel on the entire wall or, cut a roll into several parts, make a collage of canvases.

Room in the style of the last century

You can recreate the main elements of the direction in each room. Thanks to the exclusive technique of making canvases, retro wallpapers for the walls are a good option for rooms of different functionality. They are based on non-woven fabrics, and for the decorative quality of the fabrics, high-quality textiles is responsible.

Stylized antique kitchen, living room or bedroom will be the embodiment of the atmosphere of the past era. Following your taste and the advice of the designers of the factory, you harmoniously combine magnificent paintings with fine prints and other details of the interior.

You can buy retro wallpapers for your home in individually selected colors on the web site of the factory or in the interior showroom Affresco. There are collected elite materials of leading companies and accessories for them. If a suitable option is not found, our specialists will create a canvas with the desired story and chosen  texture by own Affresco technology.

To arrange the whole room in a certain style, you can also choose wallpaper, furniture, lighting, figurines, vases and other furnishings.