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Author's collection of handmade wallpaper Trend Art

Trend Art - the collection of modern author's wall-paper is devoted to the most popular trends of the present The most winning colors in the interior are used in this collection, which include not only a soft range, but also bright juicy shades. Trend Art collection was created specifically for those who want to express themselves in the interior. With the help of trendy plots from the Trend Art collection, any person can create a stunning accent wall in their interior or assemble an atmospheric space united by a common modern idea.

Author's collection of handmade wallpaper EXCLUSIVE PART 1

EXCLUSIVE - a revolutionary collection of unique stories for the author's interiors, gives a challenge to the usual idea of ​​the design of wallpaper. Unique interior scenes with detailed artistic drawing literally immerse in their fantasy world of beauty and harmony. Natural motifs, lush inflorescences, bright tropical plants, fantastic forests - all this you will find in the EXCLUSIVE collection. To each article of the artists selected background wallpaper samples with a unique texture. Six standard sizes of canvases allow to choose the ready solution under any height of walls. Demonstration of each design in the interior gives a clear three-dimensional perception.

EXCLUSIVE - the most ambitious project in the history of Affresco.

Collection of graphic landscapes ILLUSION

ILLUSION – is a collection of the best graphic landscapes, capable of creating in the interior various illusions with full immersion in the created atmosphere. Incredibly attractive sea views, gazebos, parks and gardens, indistinguishable from real ones, radically change the space of the premises, making them bright and spacious. Seven standard sizes of the canvas allow you to choose the finished solution for any height of the walls. In the collection ILLUSION each article is presented in the interior, where the atmosphere created by the plot in the room is clearly read.

ILLUSION - only the best from the Affresco artists.

New collection of handmade wallpaper New Art

NEW ART is a collection of major trends in the design of modern interiors. In the creation of each image various artistic techniques are used to create the illusion of a new space, transforming and changing the usual forms.

The collection presents 69 unique designs in four colors and six standard sizes, this will allow to use wallpaper in rooms with different ceiling heights in a seamless format on Velure texture.

Wallpaper collection NEW ART will help to create a unique and harmonious interior in a modern style.

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