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Rio, the collection of architectural historical wallpapers

Rio is the first Affresco catalog in a series of architectural historical wallpapers. Each image of the collection is an author's replica on the motives of the high French school of the late 18th – early 19th centuries, when the artistic style that could convey all the grace of nature, its exotic combinations in panoramas and floral drawings, was born. Bit by bit, our artists have collected the historical images of the masters who worked two centuries ago, and have achieved a unique drawing of every detail and created actual color combinations adapted to modern and classic interiors. The plots of the collection combined the high skill of the French school and modern requirements for interior spaces, delicately introducing luxury and taste into any interior.

Rio Catalog
FLUID, the collection of modern designs

FLUID is a new collection of abstract designs by contemporary world artists. The collection is mainly devoted to drawings in the Fluid Art technique and artistic interpretations of various natural textures. Artistic acrylic, alcohol ink, watercolors – mixing colors of various materials gives rise to unique author's drawings in the form of mesmerizing "cosmic abstractions". The collection's designs showcase a new unique color palette based on color nuances. Bright, rich and delicate, harmoniously selected colors with the addition of artistic effects of a golden glow and pearl overflows create original and unexpected interior solutions for modern spaces.

French Garden Design Wallpaper Collection

French Garden is a collection inspired by exotic natural motifs. The plots of French Garden are distinguished by a laconic, lightweight design and an innovative approach to color. The artistic technique of mixing decorative interior colors reveals natural forms in a new way. The collection mainly consists of tropical scenes, which today are very popular in modern interiors.

French Garden Catalog
A Collection of Unique Art Fabric Wallpaper

Art Fabric - a collection of decorative plots with original floral motifs in a new color palette. Designs are made on the panel construction of the composition and can be extended indefinitely, filling the space with a mysterious atmosphere drowning in wondrous plants. Each design is presented in 6 original color variations. Art Fabric plots will look equally good on the texture of Affresco wallpapers and fabrics.

Art Fabric Catalog
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