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Texture effects can be put on wallpaper

Beze            Velatura            Sabbia

Sabbia Outdoor            pietra            Craquelure

Patina            patina silver            patina gold

Patina Light            FABRIZ-X            FABRIZ-Y

Velure            Tapestry            Concrete

Оld wall            Сrackle

Fresco textures

For seamless canvas, our artists have provided a wide range of original textures. The decor can look like hand-painted (VELATURA), Venetian plaster (BEZE), stone slab (Pietra), etc. The texture of the frescoes and photo Wallpapers of Patina, in which the cracks are rubbed with gold, silver powder, the smallest precious crystals, looks especially impressive.

Even the most modest picture with this addition looks luxurious.

Velure            Beze            Velatura

Sabbia            SABBIA OUTDOOR            pietra

Patina            Craquelure            Patina silver

Patina gold            FABRIZ-X            FABRIZ-Y