Vinyl wallpaper

Thinking about how you would like to see the walls in your apartment or country house, you are most often faced with a choice: paint or wallpaper. The first option is more modern, but rather monotonous and can soon get bored. Affresco offers to buy vinyl wallpapers that are presented in the catalog in an incredible variety. They are a two-layer coating, the basis of which is paper (or non-woven fabric), and on top is polyvinyl.

Vinyl wallpapers, pros and cons

The first thing you should pay attention to is their moisture resistance. Vinyl wallpaper can be washed, cleaned and be sure that they will then retain the original look. They are dense and elastic, which means that some errors in covering the walls will be absolutely imperceptible under them. Vinyl wallpaper is very durable: they do not fade for years, even if the sun constantly shines on them. All this makes them an ideal option for a kitchen or a hallway, and if you have children, then for any other room.

Another plus is the variety of textures: they are smooth, foamed, embossed, and can also be made in the style of silk screen printing. Speaking about the disadvantages, one can distinguish except that their airtightness. But this is relevant, if very strict environmental standards are imposed on the premises. Vinyl wallpapers, which represent our catalog, are an incredible variety of colors and textures. It is simply impossible not to find one among them. If you have any questions, our managers will gladly respond to them on the phones indicated on the site.

If you are interested in strong and durable wallpaper, pay attention to the wallpaper Affresco, created by unique technology by applying a thin layer of plaster on the non-woven base. The image can be absolutely any - the main thing is  to determine the scene. A seamless format of up to 10,2x3,2 meters will save you from docking the canvas, creating a perfectly flat surface.