Classic wallpaper

Breaking your head over the question of what color to paint the walls, choose an alternative option that you will not get tired of, like this or that shade. For example, classic wallpaper. If you are not ready for bold and unconventional solutions, Classic wallpaper is the best possible option. The material from which they are made can be anything: from paper to polyvinyl. It all depends on the room where they will be: if it's a bedroom, then paper or textile may well come up, and for kitchens it's better to choose non-woven or vinyl. Even in the classical style today, frescoes and wallpapers with classical themes are popular, which can be selected in our catalog. This type of products is manufactured by the Affresco factory, and you can get all the details from the managers of our online store.

Wallpapers in classic style

When you have decided on the material, it's time to think about the coloring. If you do not live in an apartment in a Stalin’s building or an elite new building and the height of the ceilings leaves much to be desired, you can increase it by using wallpaper with a longitudinal pattern. But expand the room will help cross wide strips. For high rooms, many designers suggest choosing wallpaper with a large pattern. Similar bright options are suitable for large rooms.

Online store wallpaper in classic style, as well as in all others, Affresco offers a variety of colors, textures, and materials. Do not choose a suitable for your home or apartment option - just unrealistic. Classic wallpaper or ultramodern, wallpaper and frescos will change the interior, making it original and cozy. If the room has a lot of decorative elements, the wallpaper is better to pick up pretty quiet. Our specialists are ready to help you with your choice. You just need to call one of the phones listed on the site and share your ideas. Managers will tell you in detail about how to transfer them into reality and not spend a lot of time and money.