Wallpaper from natural materials

30 years ago connoisseurs of natural materials could find only paper sheets in stores. Since then, technologists have developed dozens of variations of finishes on the basis of materials of vegetable and mineral origin, which makes it possible to easily create safe, natural and ecological interiors.

Natural wallpaper is a roll finishing material, created from natural components. It is the finish that is now at the peak of the interior fashion.

Variety of natural canvases

Producers offer to buy natural wallpaper of these types:

Cork. Hypoallergenic fabric from the pressed cork of cork oak has an interesting pattern and is often used as an element of decor in eco-interiors. The material increases the heat and sound insulation of the room, making it more comfortable and quiet. Due to it’s high wear resistance and hydrophobicity, it can be used not only in living quarters, but also in the kitchen.

Textile. Traditional fabric trim, used in some rooms of the White House in the United States. The most popular materials for such natural wallpapers: silk (ideal for the bedroom in the oriental style), velvet (emphasizes the pomposity of the baroque living room) and cotton (suitable for classical furnishings).

Vermiculite. A layer of mica on paper basis - effective and durable finish for any room.

With plant fibers. On the basis of unpainted paper, jute, sisal, and truffle fibers are applied. Such natural wallpaper will improve the noise insulation of the room and bring an ecology note to the interior. Great for chalets and other styles that emphasize simplicity and naturalness.

From wood slats. Thin strips of bamboo, ash and other common bands resemble blinds. The wall glued by them looks original and pleasant to the touch. Depending on the type of finishing, they can be used in the kitchen and in the corridor.

Wood. They are thin sections (veneers) of wood on a paper cloth. After installing such a finish, the wall seems to be made of natural wood. Ideal for children's room in a fairytale style.

One of the newest developments of natural wallpaper - non-woven fabrics with plaster from Affresco. The combination of cellulose and mineral components is completely safe for health, and also eliminates the drawbacks of other types of natural finishes. In particular, they are more wear-resistant than bamboo, are not affected by moisture, and the appearance of the canvas depends only on the wishes of the customer. In addition, this is the only kind of natural cloth that can be washed with a damp sponge, without fear of damage.

In the online store Affresco you can buy strong and durable natural wallpaper for any style of interior. Our designer will help you choose the most successful scene, and artists will embody it on the canvas.