Non-woven wallpaper

The choice of color and texture of walls, most often, plays a very important role. It all depends on the general appearance of the room: whether it will appear spacious and cozy, or on the contrary, too bright and close. But in addition of choosing the color, it is important to choose the wallpaper by it’s texture. They are distinguished by their durability, resistance to pollution and many other factors. But how not to get lost in such a huge choice?

Non-woven wallpapers, their pros and cons

What is the difference between these wallpapers from many others? First of all, the material. It is not paper, but non-woven - a special material based on viscose, which increases the margin of safety and elasticity. Among the important advantages is also the lack of shrinkage and stretching during the gluing process. Another important plus: non-woven wallpaper for painting can be painted in any color. Moreover, if this color bores you, you can easily change it without resticking the wallpaper. Due to this quality they are popular all over the world.

The process of gluing does not involve special costs: you apply glue only to the walls, because the wallpaper in many cases already has a special adhesive composition. By the way, non-woven wallpaper can also be bought with vinyl coating - a thin film with microscopic pores. It allows the walls to "breathe". If you dream of pure white walls, then here also non-woven wallpaper will come in handy. The color will not be dairy, but snow white!

Non-woven wallpaper will be very popular with those who do not like monotony and pastel colors. Images of everything that you can only imagine, you can move to the wall in the room. Affresco creates high-quality non-woven wallpaper, images on which are so realistic that they literally create an effect of presence. In addition to the non-woven base of the master, a layer of decorative plaster with the necessary relief is applied - these wall-papers become durable and resistant to moisture, sun rays and all sorts of minor damages. All the details on how to choose, purchase and transfer to the wall wallpapers can be found  from the specialists of our online store!