Wallpaper styles

Choosing a certain direction in the design of the room, it is important to correctly select the wall coverings to it. Then the result will delight the harmonious combination of ornaments and shades. In the  Affresco catalog you will find wallpaper of various styles made in our own factory and popular brands of other companies.

A wide range of products allows you to purchase coverings from a wide variety of materials. To determine if the wallpaper is suitable for the walls of your room, and what operational characteristics they should have, you can come to our "Design Center" and see the comprehensive assortment of wallpapers of the Affresco factory and manufacturers of the world's largest brands. Consultations of our designers will help create an individual and comfortable interior, taking into account the features of the room and the tastes of the owners.

What are the styles of wallpaper?

Depending on the color, ornament and compositional techniques, all canvases for the walls can be divided into:

  • Classic wallpaper. They are characterized by ancient Syrian patterns, lace monograms, heraldry and flowers. In the restrained colors there are no bright and flashy colors. The palette includes warm sand, brown and beige tones, as well as cold pale blue and gray.

  • Vintage wall coverings. A small effect of rubbing gives a geometric ornament and oriental patterns a special charm and a unique look. For wallpaper of this style, designers usually use cream, tin, green, blue, burgundy and black shades.

  • Children's paintings. Colorful images of heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, bright subjects on space themes and paintings from the animal world attract unusual stylistic solutions. To them, you can select the appropriate curbs of different widths to elegantly finish the decoration of the room.

  • Wallpapers in the Provencal style. Luxury floral compositions of roses, peonies and other representatives of the plant world decorate the wall coverings. The palette is from milky white to coal gray.

  • Eco-options. They imitate the structure of volcanic rock, marble, wood, stone and other materials. The color scheme corresponds to natural originals.

You can combine wallpaper for walls of different styles within the same room. For example, to make a bright oriental panel (handmade fresco from the Affresco factory) and choose canvasses-companions without a picture from the collection of Colore or Velure to it. If you want to play in contrast, combine sensual wavy lines, characteristic for the direction of art deco, and mosaic ornaments from the modernist series.

Catalog of products on the web site Affresco - a variety of wallpaper options for the walls, designed to decorate the houses of different styles. A variety of magnificent ornaments and shades will harmoniously fit the chosen canvases into your interior.