Loft wallpaper

When choosing wall coverings, you should take into account the style in which the interior is made, the color of the furniture, the area of ​​the room and its purpose. Wallpaper "Loft" will ideally fit into the rooms with large windows, for the decoration of which they used rough wood, metal, saturated colors and extraordinary decor elements.

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Wallpaper "Loft": elegant negligence, skillful plexus of modernity and antiquity

Characteristic features of this style  are: lack of zoning, fully / partially open communication systems, a little chaos, a combination of different materials (for example, wood with steel). Therefore, the wallpaper "Loft" is advised to glue so that there are "bare" areas, allowing you to see a brick wall or plaster.

In this situation, the canvases harmoniously flow in:

Stylized for elite wood, sometimes worn, as if aged by time.

  • Imitating ceramic tiles, made in a single color tone, or a simple brickwork.
  • Reminiscent of natural fabric, where the structure of the material is clearly seen (wallpaper mimic for textiles due to texture and pattern), dense twining of threads.
  • A realistic hand-painted plaster feature and a cool stone charm.

Base colors for creating wallpaper in the style of "Loft" are: saturated gray, steel, dirty brown, deep mustard, nice cream.

To impart an individuality, exclusivity, a combination of materials that are radically different in texture and shade is allowed.

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