TV Projects

The project "Milano Mia", program "Kvartirnyy vopros", NTV channel

A small hall turned into a park, thanks to panoramic wallpapers from the Atmosphere catalog, art. AF518-COL1. An art accent appeared in the kitchen in the bar area - a panel according to the sketch of the author of the project.

The project "Living room for rivermen", the program " Kvartirnyy vopros", NTV channel.

Stylized landscape from the Fine Art catalog of contemporary designs, art. RE914-COL1 decorates the living room, emphasizing the natural style of the interior. The view of the water surface, forest and mountains creates the feeling of a panoramic window and visually expands the space.

The project "Lounge Millefeuille", program "Fazenda", TV Channel MIR

Wallpaper from the Rio catalog, art. AF2083-COL5 has become an element of delicate luxury in the interior of the living room of a country house. This picturesque landscape was created by the artist Alexander Buryatov.

The project “Attic. Earth and Sky ", Fazenda program, MIR TV channel

Wallpaper from the FLIUD catalog, art. AF2068 have become the accent décor of the attic bedroom. The abstract plot was created by the artist Alexander Buryatov using the Fluid Art color mixing technique.

The project “Big alteration for the Sergeyuk Famil”, program “Big alteration”, TV channel Russia 1.

Two opposite walls in the bedroom are decorated with wallpaper from the Trend Art catalog, art. ZK420-COL4. A stylized landscape with silhouettes of wild grasses organically fit into the overall concept of the interior.

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