TV Projects

The project "Romance, retro and canopy", program "Dachnyy otvet", NTV channel

Frescoes from the Wallpaper part 1 catalog (art. AB137-COL6) create the atmosphere of a blooming garden in the bedroom of a country house.

The project «Cozy tropics», program «Kvartirnyy vopros», NTV channel.

Tropical plot from the Exclusive catalog, art. AB312-COL4 has become a conceptual accent of the interior.

The project «Moscow Region Neoclassic», program «Dachnyy otvet» NTV channel

Wallpaper part I (art. AF710-COL2) decorates all the walls of the room and hides the sliding door to the dressing room. This pattern was also transferred to the curtains.

The project "Neoclassical Living Room", Fazenda program, TV channel MIR

Neoclassical Living Room project, Fazenda program, MIR TV channel. The Emotion Art panel (art. AF2101-COL4) became the accent of the dining area, and a pattern reminiscent of seething waves (art. AF2113-COL3) complemented the given theme in the form of a series of paintings.

The project  “Mountain Rose”, Fazenda program, TV channel MIR

With the help of a panoramic plot from the Exclusive collection, art. AB301-COL4 and several design techniques, the living room of a country house turned into a gazebo overlooking a stunning mountain landscape.

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