TV Projects

The project « Living room with garden view », «Fazenda Layfprogram», MIR TV channel

Chinoiserie-style wallpaper from the Atmosphere catalog (art. AF501-COL1) created the atmosphere of a blooming garden in the living room. The wallpaper was designed by artist Alexander Buryatov.

The project, "Bedroom with a Waterfall", "Battle of Designers" program, TNT TV channel.

In the project of a modern bedroom, one of the walls was decorated with wallpaper from the Trend Art collection (art. ZK425-COL4) with a theme reminiscent of a waterfall. As conceived by the author of the project, the feeling of falling water will bring a relaxing atmosphere into the interior.

The project "Attic by Antoni Gaudi", program "Kvartirnyy vopros", NTV channel

The two walls of the living room have become an architectural part of the interior, thanks to the frescoes with drawings of parabolic vaults in the spirit of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. The sketch was developed specially for the project by the designers of the AFFRESCO factory.

The project "Tropical living room and gentle bedroom", program "Big alteration", NTV channel

A tropical theme from the French Garden wallpaper catalog has become the main decoration of the living room and hall interior, while wallpapers with graceful wood from the VESNA collection enveloped the master bedroom with delicate crowns.

The project "Living Room with Tropical Leaves", "Battle of Designers" program, TNT TV channel

Wallpaper from the Trend Art catalog (art. AB477-COL1) with falling palm leaves adorned the accent wall, organically combining elements of different styles in this space.

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