TV Projects

Project «Exotic Living room», 1st channel, «Fazenda» TV show

The designer of the project decided to experiment with an exotic interior featuring the avant-garde elements. Two living room walls were covered with a fresco based on famous painting “Rest. Society In Top Hats” by Kazimir Malevich. To create such a huge fresco the designer had to combine several pieces of the painting, so that the size and proportions of completed image would fit the dimensions of walls. 

Project «Golden Jungle», TNT channel, «Shkola remonta» TV show

To create an the ambience of mysterious jungle for a teenage girl’s room the designer used several different frescoes. The frescoes are picturing different textures and surfaces, such as malachite, cheetah fur, palm leaves, rough concrete wall. All the frescoes were produced by individual dimensions and sketches. 

The "Mowgli» Disney Channel program, "This is my room"

To create a Disney «Mowgli» Interior based on the children's cartoon had made two large-scale murals seamless, and for each wall - painting of individual size.

Project «Chinese story living room», 1st channel, «Fazenda» TV show

Seamless frescoes in Chinese style decorated the niches of country house living room. High contrast image with Chinese graphics looks gorgeous. The combination of cold and warm colors is balanced by the bright black background. 

Ideal remodeling for actress Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina’s flat, 1st channel

In this episode of "Perfect repair" designer created a new interior for Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina’s bedroom - Russian movie and theater actress. To decorate walls the designer has chosen the seamless wallpaper from Botanika collection with nature theme (aff 708 colore 500). 

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