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The project «Cozy tropics», program «Kvartirnyy vopros», NTV channel.

Tropical plot from the Exclusive catalog, art. AB312-COL4 has become a conceptual accent of the interior. Marina Poklontseva, the author of the project, showed a new method of interior design with seamless wallpaper, creating an unusual form of a protruding structure for a panel. Our designers corrected the original image to fit the given size, the canvas was cut to fit the shape of the product during installation. The plot was created by the artist Alexander Buryatov in watercolor technique. Translucent color transitions create a bright unusual image. The main advantage of such wallpapers is that in the interior they are indistinguishable from hand-painted wall paintings, since they accurately convey every stroke of the author. A layer of plaster and a seamless format only enhances this impression.