TV Projects

The project "Bedroom and two children", program "Big alteration", TV channel Russia 1

In this project, using Affresco wallpaper, three rooms were transformed into rhinestones - a bedroom and two nurseries. The FLUID and SKAZKI AFFRESCO collections were chosen for the wall decoration.

The project "Living room Botanica", program "Fazenda", TV channel MIR

Wallpapers from the FLUID catalog (art. AF2076-COL3) fit perfectly into the overall color palette of the eclectic interior, where classic and modern styles are intertwined.

The project "Attic on top of the world", program " Dachnyy otvet", NTV channel

The author's idea is to envelop the room in fog and create the feeling that the attic is on the top of a mountain. Especially for the project, a sketch was developed for all the walls of the attic with a smooth gradient from a dark graphite shade to almost white.

The project "Bedroom with an abstract panel", program "Big alteration", TV channel Russia 1

The wall in the bedroom opposite the bed was decorated with abstract wallpaper from the Fine Art catalog (art. RE815-COL2). The plot is made in modern technique - large strokes of oil paint on the texture of the canvas.

The project « Living room with garden view », «Fazenda Layfprogram», MIR TV channel

Chinoiserie-style wallpaper from the Atmosphere catalog (art. AF501-COL1) created the atmosphere of a blooming garden in the living room. The wallpaper was designed by artist Alexander Buryatov.

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