TV Projects

The project «Bedroom in an eclectic style», program «Battle of Designers», TNT TV channel

The curtains from the new Affresco Art Fabric collection (ref. FA1522-COL5) have become the exclusive decor for the eclectic bedroom interior. The designer of the project managed to skillfully combine picturesque classical drawing with modern decor elements.

The project of the living room «From Provence to Versailles», the program «Kvartirnyy vopros», NTV channel

Wallpapers from the VESNA catalog (art. AB120-COL1) with a plot of delicate wildflowers and herbs have become an effective accent of the living room interior in the French Provence style. The wallpaper was mounted both on the wall and on the doors of a large-scale storage system to combine them into a single decorative composition.

The project «Bedroom with a tropical accent», program «Fazenda», TV channel MIR

To decorate the bedroom of a country house, designer Lyudmila Verba chose wallpaper from the new French Garden collection. Falling palm leaves supported the natural style of the interior and became its accent decor.

The project «Modern romantic bedroom», program «Battle of Designers», TNT TV channel

Wallpaper with an abstract plot in the "Fluid Art" technique from the Fine Art catalog filled the space of the sleeping area and the adjacent wall. An interesting technique when the canvas is partially broken into fragments and alternates with soft panels in the headboard area ...

The project  «Lacy veranda in an apple orchard», the program «Dachny Otvet», NTV TV channel

Seamless wallpaper of the Empire collection (art. Aff 732 vel 471) adorned all the walls of the veranda and created an atmosphere of palace luxury. The sketch for the project was prepared by the designers of the factory individually, taking into account the location of door and window openings, as well as different heights of the walls.

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