TV Projects

The project “Big alteration for the Sergeyuk Famil”, program “Big alteration”, TV channel Russia 1

Two opposite walls in the bedroom are decorated with wallpaper from the Trend Art catalog, art. ZK420-COL4. A stylized landscape with silhouettes of wild grasses organically fit into the overall concept of the interior.

The project "Cranberries in sugar ", program "Kvartirnyy vopros", NTV channel

Luxurious wallpapers with an abundance of exotic plants and birds from the Rio catalog (art. AF2085-COL2) have adorned the girls' nursery - sleeping areas and dressing room. Thanks to the wallpaper, the atmosphere of a marvelous garden appeared in the room.

The project "Apartment for a large family", program "Big alteration", TV channel Russia 1

To organize the space for three children in one room, and to make the narrow hall bright and spacious, the designer largely succeeded in using Affresco wallpapers from the Fine Art, Trend Art and FLUID collections.

The project "Neon Jungle", program " Dachnyy otvet", NTV channel

The designer's idea to create a real jungle atmosphere in the nursery was supported by frescoes with large palm leaves, which were located on the pediments of the attic. The design from the French Garden wallpaper catalog, art. AF956-COL2.

The project "Bedroom with a Peacock", "Battle of Designers" program, TNT TV channel

The improvised screen in the bedroom behind the headboard has turned into an art object thanks to the pictorial subject with a peacock from the VESNA catalog (art. AB124-COL1).

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