TV Projects

The project «Living room with a beach on the 12th floor», the program «Kvartirny Vopros», NTV channel

A delicate floral design from the Atmosphere wallpaper catalog (art. AF524-COL4) graces the living room ceiling with a bay window. This design technique not only raised the height of the room visually, but also made it more airy.

The project «Malachite box»,  the program «Fazenda», MIR TV channel

Wallpaper from the Fine Art collection (art. RE868-COL2) with an artistic cut of stone in fashionable mint shades has become the main style accent in the thematic interior of the living room - "Malachite Box".

Rainforest from the Atmosphere collection in the program “Dachny otvet” on NTV channel

An exotic story from the Atmosphere collection (art. AF516-COL2) filled the attic area with freshness after a tropical rain. The main atmospheric element of the plot is enveloping fog, which creates extraordinary freshness in the interior.

The Bounty Lounge project, “Dachny otvet”  Program, NTV Channel

One of the most popular tropical plots of the Exclusive collection (art. AB305-COL3) decorated the living room in a country house. This design has been at the top of sales for several years. Surprisingly, its rich color scheme is liked even by those who usually prefer calmer tones.

Project “American living room with notes of chinoiserie”, "Dachniy Otvet" NTV channel

In the new project of the "Dachniy Otvet” program, designer Igor Kurkin skillfully combined in the living room the beauty of bleached log walls and luxurious wallpaper from the ETHNO collection in the style of chinoiserie.

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