TV Projects

Project «Sky bedroom», TNT

Project «Sky bedroom».  The designer of the project decided to realize it in baroque style. It isn’t just a style, but a whole era. Of course it’s presented in architecture as palace interiors full of opulence and chic. Such interior demands a luxury fresco presenting its style and vibe. 

Project «City cafe», TNT channel, “Shkola remonta”

The idea was to create the atmosphere of outdoor Italian café inside the kitchen. To make the space really look like outdoor venue the designer decided to build two decorative roofs from two sides of the kitchen. Between the two roofs there is the sky, as it is supposed to be outdoors. The sky was pictured by ceiling Affresco fresco. Another fresco picturing Italian street view found its place on the wall.

The "African Lounge " project  at " Fazenda " show, First Channel.

The "African Lounge " project  . The designer  plan was to decorate the living room walls with  frescos with African scenery, giving the room the spirit of the savanna. The frescos have become a major focus in the interior and perfectly fit the living room.

Project «Fly away sitting room» on TNT, "Skola remonta" show

The designer of the project decided to create a futuristic living room. On of the features of the interior was a fresco picturing sunset skies on thw wall and a part of ceiling. From the project you can also find out how to install frescoes consisting of two parts.

Project «Movie perfect». TNT

Affresco took part in redecorating the living room for famous Russian director Tatiana Lioznova (she directed iconic soviet series “ Seventeen Moments of Spring”). 

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