Affresco products are very popular in the leading TV repair programs: “Kvartirnyvopros” and “Dachnyotvet” (NTV channel), “Idealnyremont” (First One), “Shkolaremonta” (TNT channel), “Fazenda” (First channel), etc. For over 15 years of the collaboration, more than 300 projects have been implemented, of which quite a few were created for Russian stars. More details about TV projects can be found in the “AFFRESCO TV Projects” and “AFFRESCO Star Clients” section.

Philip Kirkorov House, Exclusive catalog, “Idealnyremont”, the First Channel Irina Bezrukova's bedroom, Exclusive catalog “Idealnyremont”, the First Channel Natalia Sedykh's living room, Exclusive catalog, “Idealnyremont”, the First Channel
Emerald bathroom, Exclusive catalog “Dachnyotvet”, the NTV Channel Golden Living Room, Exclusive catalog, Alika Shmekhova’s bedroom, VESNA catalog,

The products of the AFFRESCO factory won the love of leading designers and architects creating exclusive interiors. The high popularity of products is due to the complex of advantages: impeccable quality, a wide range of author's collections, an expanded sector of services and opportunities for individual orders, as well as the shortest production time. All this allows not limiting the imagination of the authors in the embodiment of their plans. Projects of AFFRESCO partners can be found in the section AFFRESCO in Designer Projects.

Designer Andrey Karpov Designer Natalia Milyavskaya Designer Olga Savchenko
East bedroom, ETHNO catalog, Shkolaremonta, TNT channel Kitchen "Cherry Orchard", VESNA catalog, Shkolaremonta, TNT channel Fabulous children’s room Individual sketches Shkolaremonta, TNT Channel