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The Dealer’s Set

To get started, you need to sign a cooperation agreement and buy a “dealer kit” that will help you to present the products of the AFFRESCO factory on your trading platform.

Affresco dealer set includes

Polygraphic catalog "FRESCOES AND PHOTO WALLPAPER" in two parts. The size of the catalog is 45x65 cm, the catalog includes 3,500 of the best images from the Affresco library and more than 500 new designs on the most popular interior themes: botany, modern style, tropics and children. You can choose images for wall decoration from this catalog absolutely for any interior style that exists today.

dealer_ff_2021.jpg 02.jpg каталоги.jpg

An album with samples of textures of frescoes and Affresco seamless wallpapers of 30x30 cm. The album contains a complete description of consumer and technical properties of each texture for the production of frescoes and wallpapers.

Папка-образцов.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg

Exhibition sample of frescoes up to 4.5 m2 with Affresco logo for the decoration of the showroom areas and the certificate of the official dealer.

07 Замена комплект дилера.jpg 09.jpg 09 замена замена комплект дилера.JPG

All the necessary materials for posting information about Affresco products on your site to work with customers.

Additionally, after purchasing a “dealer set”, you can purchase any catalog or set of catalogs that are included in the Affresco assortment, with discounts. Each article in the wallpaper catalog is presented in the interior and in full-size samples.

Catalog of modern designs Fantasy. Linear interior graphics catalog Line Art Catalog of abstract designs and textures Emotion Art

Wallpaper catalogs AFFRESCO Wallpaper Part I and II Rio, the catalog of architectural historical wallpaper FLUID, the catalog of modern wallpaper

Catalog Frescoes and Photo Wallpaper 2021. Part I and II Catalog of interior fabrics Art Fabric Сollection Catalog of designer wallpapers Atmosphere

Catalog of children's wallpapers SKAZKI AFFRESCO Catalog of author’s wallpapers EXCLUSIVE Сatalog of сontemporary designs Fine Art

Catalog of modern wallpapers Trend Art Catalog of modern wallpapers Re-Space Catalog of modern wallpapers NEW ART