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Installation of Fabrika19-53 panels


  • Requirement for a perfect end result is a smooth, primed, sanded and white painted wall. Preferably to use an acryl prime coating or paint of light shades (better white paint), in order to avoid a color visibility through the wall.

  • We recommend doing installation using the same lighting as will be used further. Use an additional lighting to check places of possible wrinkles. 



  • Applying technique of panels is the same as for non-woven wallpaper, but the glue has to be applied to the back of the panel as well as to the wall. It’s not possible to apply panels over existing wallpaper.

  • Ordering more than 3 rolls (1,06 х10m) or more than 6 rolls (0,53х10m) you should strictly respect the joining sequence of numbered rolls.

  • During product installation and its drying (24h) all windows and doors have to be closed.   

  • Wipe off glue on the surface with a wet sponge.

Materials Needed:

Glue for heavy non-woven wallpaper, plastic tub for the glue, paint-roller (for applying the adhesive to the wall and wallpaper), wide roller for wallpaper (to push out bubbles and wrinkles), narrow plastic roller (to smooth edges), sharp knife (to trim away excess).

1.Prepare the glue for heavy non-woven wallpaper in accordance with the instructions. Apply the glue to the back of a panel and wait for 15-20 min. 2. Apply the glue to the wall. Hang the panel to the wall looking at the marked line on the wall. 3. Carefully push any bubbles, wrinkles and adhesive excess out toward the borders with a paint-roller.
4. Next panels you should apply edge-to-edge to the previous. The pattern has to be matched with the one in the previous panel.5. Smooth the joint with a small roller. 6. Trim away excess using a sharp knife and a liner as a guide. Change the blade on your knife every panel for better results.

Decoration of a panel by yourself
Ordering a white panel you can use any paints for its decoration. You can start decorate a panel after its installation directly on the wall.

Here you can find detailed decoration’s ways of Fabrika19 panels.


  • Panels in rolls can be stored for 6 months saving all its characteristics

  • After transportation under the low temperatures, products must be stored packed in a room for 24 h. 

  • If you are going to install products in high moisture locations (bathroom, swimming pool) you should previously apply an antifungal mixture to the wall to avoid a mold.