TV Projects

Project «Sleepy kingdom», NTV channel, «Kvartirnyi vopros» TV show.

The created interior turned out to be surrealistic “sleepy kingdom”, full of illusions, with mild lighting and elegant images of architectural elements looking incredibly real. This brilliant performance of designer’s ideas was achieved by the frescoes covered almost the whole room with one theme. 

Project «Couchless Living Room», NTV channel, «Kvartirnyi vopros» TV show

The designer solution for a living room was exceptionally eclectic, combining the layers of different eras, antique frescoes on the walls and frescoes with 70s geometric patterns on the wardrobes. As a basis for the sketch the designer chose Art. 

Project «Not another living room», TNT channel, «Shkola remonta» TV show

A bright and contrasting interior with nightlife vibe was created with an Affresco fresco picturing the Moulin Rouge street sign. 

«Golden Dreams Art Deco" project on TNT channel  on Saturday

The leading designer of the "Shkola remonta" Lubov Malenkin has the vision of new kitchen to be done in the style of Art Deco, strictly classical and luxurious. 

 “Sofia the First”  project in “This is my room” show on Disney channel

Girl had a dream to feel like a princess from Disney cartoon “Sofia the First” in the new interior of her room. 

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