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Long-awaited sensation from the factory AFFRESCO - catalog "Frescos and Wallpapers" in 2019!

The world does not stand still, especially the world of design! The new catalog “Frescoes and Wallpapers 2019” has incorporated all the latest trends in interior fashion. More than a hundred professionals from all over the world worked to create this unique edition. More than a third of the images included in the catalog have not been previously published, and their professional performance and quality will surprise any buyer. We recommend this catalog to all professionals in the field of design and architecture!

The unicity of this catalog in the following:

  • The first massive section of the Botany catalog is devoted to the most popular and fashionable theme for decorating walls in the interior - nature. This is more than 200 interior images in different styles and techniques of painting.

  • Significant place in the catalog is no less popular topic in the interior - modern scenes. Nature, flowers, modern geometry, 3D, textures, etc. - more than half of the new drawings in this section were created specifically for this catalog.

  • For the first time in the new catalog, the great emphasis is made on interiors for a more visual presentation to customers.

  • Affresco combines all the best-selling landscapes into one section “Best Landscapes” - this greatly facilitates the work with the catalog.

  • The copyright is reserved for all images included in the catalog, which confirms the high status of the factory and its partners!

  • Thanks to the practical layout of the sections, the catalog has become smaller and lighter, while the number of pictures in it has increased.


The rest of the advantages of our new catalog, we suggest you evaluating by yourself!

Please, email the application forms to your managers.