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Large-scale project - Moskomsport pool "Arena Legend"!

 A large-scale project on AFFRESCO frescoing of the Moskomsport pool “Arena of Legends” on Avtozavodskaya Street 23. The vertical paintings of 3x9 meters in size now decorate the main area of ​​the pool at the start of the waterways. The frescoes were made on the material Sabbia (Sabbia) with an additional coating of moisture-resistant varnish.

AFFRESCO frescoes are easy to care for; they are moisture resistant, easy to clean and do not fade over time. For the design of pools and bathrooms, you can choose the texture of Beze (Meringue), Velatura (Velatura), Pietra (Pietra) or Sabbia (Sabbia) from the factory assortment, the main thing when ordering is to inform the manager about the need for additional waterproofing. An exception for the installation of paintings are only places of direct direct water ingress, such as pool bowls and showers.