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The project «Romantic bedroom», program «Battle of Designers», TNT TV channel

One of the most popular tropical designs in the French Garden collection (Ref. AF952-COL1) was the starting point for the romantic bedroom interior and its key idea. The softness of tropical silhouettes gave the interior an incredible comfort, lightness and beauty, which also hid many storage systems behind it. The wallpaper was mounted in one sheet both on the wall and on the built-in wardrobes, and then the contours of the doors were cut. Due to the high strength of the non-woven base with a layer of plaster, wallpaper is suitable for decorating not only walls, but also furniture. In the original design, the palm leaves should hang from above, but the designer decided to reorient them so that the bulk falls on the lower part of the wall. “This tropical plot is a great find for modern interiors. You can change the color of the background and leaves individually for each specific task and turn the composition to any position depending on the interior idea ", - designer Umidkhan Khusnitdinov