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TV Projects

Living room for actress Natalia Sedykh, program " Idealniy Remont ", First Channel

Designer wallpapers from the new collection EXCLUSIVE decorated the bedroom of the actress of theater and cinema, ballet dancer of the Bolshoy Theater - Natalia Sedykh. Romanticism style French Provence most vividly reflected in the interior of the panoramic wallpaper with a fantasy landscape (art. AB310-COL1). 

Wallpapers New Art in the program "Idealniy Remont" for Yelena Metelkina!

Wallpapers from the collection New Art decorated the bedroom of the actress and fashion model - Yelena Metelkina. The main idea of ​​the interior is the creation of a cozy ladies' boudoir, filled with light, brilliance of crystal and mirrors. The main decor, which expressed the concept of the designer, was a modern collage from the collection New Art (art. RE182-COL1), which was taken as a basis for the preparation of an individual sketch. 

Country house for artist Philipp Kirkorov, " Idealniy Remont " program, First channel

The interior of the living room of Philipp Kirkorov is made in the style of modern classics. All the walls are decorated with seamless wallpaper handmade from the collection Dream Forest (art. AB55-COL2). 

The project "Emerald Bath", the program "Dachniy Otvet ", the NTV channel

The exotic fresco of the main artist of the Affresco factory Alexander Buryatov will become a bright accent of the interior of the bathroom in the spirit of modern classics. Amazing in its coloring pattern with a lot of carefully selected bold combinations of colors and shades on the wall is indistinguishable from hand-painted mural. 

The project "Turquoise paradise", the program " Kvartirniy Vopros " NTV channel

The bedroom-living room turned into a garden of Eden thanks to the wallpaper, the design of which was created by the artist of the factory Affresco Alexander Buryatov specially for the project. A graceful floral ornament is drawn in the technique of "pastel", where every stroke of the author is seen. The image was taken as a basis from the VESNA collection (Art. AB122-COL2). 

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