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Wallpaper and panels, Catalog Af-Flower, art. Flower festival Color 2

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Handmade wallpaper, Handmade wallpaper | Flower festival Color 2 Handmade wallpaper, Handmade wallpaper | Flower festival Color 2
Wallpaper Af-Flower : Flower festival Color 2
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Buy article № Flower festival Color 2 on website Article: Flower festival Color 2, Name: Wallpaper, Unit: Linear meter, Coating: Plaster, Country: Russia, Factory: Affresco, Collection: Af-Flower, Material: Non-woven, Style: Classical, Pattern: Flowers, Type: Panels, Color(old): purple, Panel width: 67 cm, Height: 200 cm,
Af-Flower IV wallpaper collection

"Tsvetarium" – is a collection of frescoes for real romantics

Flowers - the ideal embodiment of beauty, so they are always appropriate in modern interior, and in a classic setting.

The company "Affresco" offers you an extensive catalog of authorial frescoes called "Tsvetarium". Here are images that will help you fill the house with exquisite and harmonious compositions from flowers, leaves, trees. All the petals and veins are so detailed that it creates a full impression of the utmost thorough manual painting.

Variety of frescoes from the collection "Tsvetarium"

The artists of "Affresco" have already developed more than 70 unique wallpaper with floral motifs. Among them:

  • "Morning in the Tsvetarium". The fresco in gentle colors with lots of details (birds, butterflies, snails, exotic buds) can be admired for hours, as if it is a real nook of wildlife.
  • "Arabian  magic". A small rhythmic ornament will take you to a patterned oriental arbor in the middle of a luxurious Sultan garden.
  • "Flower Festival". Carefully written bright buds of roses, lilies, gerberas, will demonstrate the beauty of each variety. This panel instantly transforms a quite or dark room.
  • "Morning in the forest". Elegant trees and bushes, as if wrapped in misty haze, will help to push the boundaries of the room and give it a share of mystery.
  • "Garden of roses". Delicate pink and white buds in combination with muted green leaves will bring unobtrusive natural notes to the interior. With such photo wallpapers your living room will seem more spacious and fresh.
  • "Paradise Jungle". Heat-loving trees, as if substituting for the hot tropical sun, will not allow to forget about the serene days of summer vacation.
  • "Classic friezes", imitating carved wall panels, will help create an image of an English living room or bedroom of the era of Louis XIV. The muted colors of the frescoes and the light texture of Velure perfectly emphasize the "plaque of history".

For each image there are 2-4 color options, so you can easily find a suitable panel for your interior. If the finished colors are not enough, the artist tones the background and flowers in any desired shade.

Why do you like the frescoes of the "Tsvetarium"?

Main reasons:

  • Fresco is a work of art. All elements of the composition are carefully verified. Therefore, each individual  fragment of the panel can be used to fill a niche - it will look holistic and harmonious.
  • Up to 8 meters without a repeat of the plot. The artists drew canvases 3х8 m in size with the possibility of repeating the composition to infinity. We will help to decorate wallpaper with flowers even the largest room.
  • 100 kinds of companions to images. If you want to use flowers only on the accent wall, we will help you to choose background wallpaper that perfectly match with the chosen storyline.
  • 90% hand made. The texture of the canvas is applied by the master, the painting is finished by the artist. Therefore, the appearance of an exact copy of the fresco is completely ruled out.
  • Durability. Thanks to the patented protective composition, the panels can be washed and even mounted in the bathrooms.

If you have already chosen a suitable fresco in the "Tsvetarium" catalog, you can specify the number of panels required on the order page. Just click on the image fragment (muted - to add, bright - to delete), and under it the program will indicate the total size of the selected panel. Panels are available in one piece or cut into rolls.