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Wallpaper and panels, Catalog Empire, art. aff 736 vel 430

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Handmade wallpaper, Jacaranda theme Handmade wallpaper, Jacaranda theme
Wallpaper Empire: aff 736 vel 430
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Buy article № aff 736 vel 430 on website Article: aff 736 vel 430, Name: Wallpaper, Unit: Linear meter, Coating: Plaster, Country: Russia, Factory: Affresco, Collection: Empire, Material: Non-woven, Style: Classical, Pattern: Flowers, Type: Panels, Color(old): multicolored, Panel width: 135 cm, Height: 320 cm,
Empire wallpaper collection

Empire wallpaper collection

Empire is a collection of handmade wallpaper so delightful that you can’t help admiring its magnificence.

Basing the themes on traditions of classical painting and tapestry of different ages the author made his best to revive the art of murals in modern interiors. The motives carry you away to sublime interiors of rich palaces of XVII-XIX centuries. The collection contains a great number of breathtaking panoramic sceneries, empire friezes, beautiful parks and gardens, unique classic ornaments.

All the designs of the collection are depicted in graphic panels that can be connected into eternal picture, and our technologies allow producing them in a form of seamless canvas. In your own interior you can create an exceptional composition with Empire wallpaper, starting with panel and making an endless picture.

Each Article of the collection is offered in five size options to fit any room height you need to decorate. You can also choose from two different types of textures. Velure texture is a subtle imitation of a plane plastered wall with refined painting, while Patina texture with delicate crack pattern creates the image of an aged wall where painting has slightly faded.

If desired you can alter the background color of selected wallpaper Art. to any of the offered background additions. To make sure the new color fits perfectly you can order a color proof, a wallpaper fragment of chosen texture and color in full size of 30 х 30 cm.

Aside from ordering panels of standard size you also have a possibility to request any of themes from this collection to be produced in a form of fresco in accordance with your individual parameters and measurements, altering the size or even the image, to complete your interior in the best way.