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Wallpaper and panels, Catalog Botanika, art. aff 727 col 433

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Handmade wallpaper, Веточки с цветами Handmade wallpaper, Веточки с цветами
Wallpaper Botanika: aff 727 col 433
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Buy article № aff 727 col 433 on website Article: aff 727 col 433, Name: Wallpaper, Unit: Linear meter, Coating: Plaster, Country: Russia, Factory: Affresco, Collection: Botanika, Material: Non-woven, Style: Classical, Pattern: Landscape, Type: Panels, Color(old): brown, Height: 320 cm,
Botanika wallpaper collection

Botanika wallpaper collection

Collection of Botanika seamless wallpaper offers fundamentally new approach to the design of elite interiors for people of refined taste. All pieces of this collection are made manually by Affresco artists in watercolor drawing technique. Watercolor technique fills the interior with colors and light color’s transitions make it dynamic. Any picture from this collection makes the interior alive and bright.

By the original idea of the collection’s author Alexander Buryatov each landscape of this collection creates great ambience, live and vibrant. Endless picture and lack of repetitive elements make you feel inside of a wonderful fairytale created by talented artists. All collection’s Articles offer a choice of three color combinations and each of it gives the interior totally different look.

It’s possible to combine this wallpaper with background ones which are the perfect match for watercolor paintings and complete the look of panel.

There are two different textures wallpaper Botanika can be made on. Velure texture has height of 2,75 meters, Colore texture offered for higher walls of 3,2 meters. All wallpaper made seamless but it also can be ordered cut in panels as scheme of each article shows if desired.

There is a possibility to change the background color of wallpaper to any additional one shown in catalogue. To make sure you made the right choice you can order a color proof – wallpaper fragment of chosen type and color in full size of 30 х 30 cm.

Wallpaper from this collection can be ordered not only as a standard panel but also as a fresco with individual design and size, changes in storyline and proportion of the picture if needed so it will fit your interior perfectly.